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Get kitted out!

As Big Bike Rental Bangkok we also offer our customers the necessary gear for a safe and convenient ride. Helmets, jackets, gloves are the essentials. Saddle bags are a nice bonus for longer trips to give you the comfort of being able to pack more and carry less on your shoulders.

Want to share your experience with family and friends back home? Take our action camera on the trip!

Please book all the gear in advance to make sure its available when you want it.

Gear Brand Daily Weekly Monthly
Helmet Gear Real or HJC 200 1050 2400
Helmet Gear Schark 400 2100 4800
Jacket Gear - 300 1575 3600
Saddle Bags Gear - 300 1575 3600
Gloves Gear - 100 525 1200
Hero 4 Silver (LCD) Gear Go Pro 800 4200 9600
GPS Navigator Gear - 400 2100 4800
081 274 0907
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