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Bangkok – Kanchanaburi

Short trip from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi province on the border to Myanmar. Visit the National Parks and Rivers along this scenic route.

Day 1: Bangkok – Nakhon Pathom – Kanchanaburi / Sai Yok (app. 190Km)

A good starting and meeting point for tours leaving Bangkok to the western provinces is the Democracy Monument on Rachadamnoen Road. From here you can leave the city over the Pinklao Bridge near the Grand Palace and Khao Sarn Road. Follow Baromrachachonani Road from about 35Km and then turn right onto Highway number 4. Follow HWY 4 for another 30km and then turn right onto HWY 323. Worth a visit and ideal for a quick stop along the way is the famous Nakhon Pathom Chedi on HWY 4.

Finally, HWY 323 will lead you directly to Kanchanaburi town. Here follow the signs to the attractions in the city and to the bridge on the River Kwai. Local restaurants along the river banks near the bridge are ideal for a quick lunch.

Afterwards leave the city to the north and continue to follow the highway 323 to Sai Yok. Along the route you can visit the hellfire pass memorial and Sai Yok Noi waterfalls.

We recommend to spend the night in one of the many small hotels along the River around Sai Yok.

Day 2: Sai Yok – Sangklaburi – Erawan – Sinakarin Dam (app. 400Km)

In the morning continue to head north on HWY 323 towards Sangklaburi. Sangklaburi is an old border Village between Myanmar and Thailand. Visit the 3 Pagoda pass and Saphan Mon a 400m long wooden bride to a local Mon Village or visit Payathonzu in Myanmar.

Afterwards drive back on HWY 323 towards Sai Yok. Just south of Sai Yok turn right into HWY 3457 towards the Erawan National Park. After about 15Km you will meet HWY 3199. Turn left towards the Erawan National Park and Sinakarin Dam. Overnight in any of the small hotels and resorts along the river or the banks of the lake.

Day 3: Sinakarin Dam – Sisawat – Bangkok (app. 365Km)

Visit the Erawan Waterfall (depending on where your accommodation is you may have to travel sough again on HWY 3199). Then follow 3199 north along the Sinakarin Lake to the Ferry Pier in Sisawat. Here you can take the ferry across the lake and continue on HWY 3199 on the other side. After about 35 Km near the village of Na Suan the HWY 3199 becomes HWY 4141. Continue to follow this Highway through the mountains of the Chaloerm Rattanakosin National Park until you reach a T-Junction after about 60Km. Here turn left and follow HWY 348 and 333 to Suphanburi.

From Suphanburi follow HWY 340 to Nonthaburi and AH2 to Talingchan and Bangkok.

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